Sunday, 20 December 2009

New Q Design Proposal

In truth the Narrative project is not moving at a pace that I would call productive. We are all guilty culprits, the set should of been finished a couple weeks back, the Q model should be finished, more props and gadgets should of been modelled. Now that it's increasingly clear that the final thing will not be of highly quality without some serious graft over the Christmas holiday I want to take some initiative in getting this project finished.

I want to start some sort of animating within the next week but right now I can't see it happening. So having now also come to some conclusion in regards to the overall look of the set design and the current state of Q, I want to redesign Q so that he looks more toy-like. Firstly it means he will fit nicely into the scene and the simple design will take a big weight off our shoulders in terms of modelling, rigging and skinning etc. I reckon with some hard work he could be made in a day. A style I really think would work well is something similar to the Nintedo Mii's. Simple but distinctive. Full of character and charm.

please see for examples

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